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Tips for Hiring the Right Link Building Services

Links have been the most important part of SEO for years now and in case you are looking to hire a link building service provider, you need to be very careful. This is because only the right types of links can help you shoot up the search engine rankings and get you conversions.

Many worthy link building companies that would do good to your website, while there are also many that follow the wrong process, which does more harm to your website ranking. Finding the right company is not as simple as it sounds.

This guide will help you spot the right link building company. We are aware that you know the importance of building quality links for your website, and that is why you are here. So, lets directly jump on to the main part – tips of finding the right one.

Considerations to make before hiring the Link Building Company

There are a few considerations that need to be ticked off before hiring the service provider. You would, of course, not choose the provider only because he or she speaks well or looks good.

Ensure to look beyond the superficial traits and consider the following points to hire the right link building company (in no particular order).

1. Decide your needs

Do you need SEO audit, reputation management, link building, PPC management, ongoing SEO, link removal or any other service that an SEO firm offers? If you are not sure of the services you want, start the process by figuring it out yourself.

Having a goal in mind will help you select the type of service you want to hire the link building company for. Keep your goal in place and you are already halfway through in the selection process.

2. Results

This is what you are looking forward to from your links. Any good company will be able to present case studies of the websites they have worked with and the results achieved. No matter what service you are looking for, it is vital to check the quality of work to ensure if you can expect the desired results.

You can definitely ask them questions about their link building campaign success and also the steps they would take to increase the traffic on your website. Any company who has had success with their campaigns will not shy away from showing the results. Also, if the provider is reluctant to give out results, then you should avoid hiring them.

3. Link diversity

Building backlinks is not an easy task, and diversified links will help you get success. Any good provider will get backlinks from various places because they understand that links coming from one source will not be treated well by the search engine spiders.

Link diversity should include links from social media marketing, videos, infographics, guest posting, and citation building.

4. Alignment with your goals

One of the most important things that you need to expect from the link building service provider is alignment. They should put in efforts to try and align with your goals. They also need to understand how you define success with key metrics like social shares, rankings, authority, and referral traffic.

Before you hire them, ask yourself:

If you get definite answers to these questions, everything else will fall in place.

5. Transparent process

This is another important aspect that you need to consider while choosing the SEO company. Is the agency answering all your questions about the process? Some agencies work in secrecy and do not like to open up their plans. But a transparent process will be beneficial for both parties.

It is your right to know the approach they will take, and if they are reluctant, then you should certainly give a second thought on hiring the agency. Your agency should be transparent enough to let you know what they are doing.

6. Understanding and Opinion

Your company should have an understanding and opinion of what tactic is going to be the best for your link situation. You are going to pay them for their expertise as they have a unique and custom point of view for your needs. Also, because they have serviced to several clients in the past in various verticals.

7. Communication

The agency you are willing to choose should be responsive to all your doubts and concerns. They should be happy to solve all your issues. Remember one thing, you shouldn’t be chasing them for answering you. The absence of regular communication is bad news for you.

Ideally, they should be ready to answer all your doubts at any point in time. If the agency takes more than 24 hours to answer your question, then you should start looking out for another option.

8. Accountability

Your link building service provider should deliver results within the promised time. When things are not going planned, then they should be brave enough to hold themselves accountable and provide you a plan B without wasting any time. This is something you will know by reading reviews about the company’s service.

9. Get multiple quotes

Remember not to choose the first service provider you come across even if they offer you the required service within your budget. Sit down with as many qualified agencies possible and ask them how they can help you achieve your goal.

Most firms will be happy to offer a free consultation. After the consultation, ask them to provide the plan in writing along with the quote. Compare the quotes received from various companies and shortlist the ones you find are appropriate, of course keeping other considerations in mind.

10. History

Knowing the history of the agency, you are willing to choose is important for your business. Good companies have their reputable history and connections accessible on forums, blogs and also LinkedIn records.

Their experience in link building should reflect the practices. The lack of track record is a clear indication that you need to look for some other company.

11. References

Most companies sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with their clients but still post testimonials on their website with the clients’ approval. Asking your SEO company for the list of past clients, their work history and references is a move that you need to make before selecting a provider.

Remember that trust is built with a thorough background check and also the information they share with you about their clients. In case, they share too much information, which they shouldn’t have, then they may share your details as well with your competitors. Look for a company that provides you information that is enough to solve your doubts while maintaining privacy

12. Links to their website

A simple way of judging the link builder’s capabilities is by checking the backlinks of their website. Their website backlinks should be good enough to get your project. Find authority based links and social media websites.

A complete assessment of their backlinks is important as it would help you judge the worth of the link builder.

13. Pricing

Link building companies offer different pricing plans from price per link to monthly plan. Some offer permanent links for a fixed price, while some rent link ads on a monthly fee.

Ask them the pricing plans they offer. Some work month to month while others work as per campaigns. If you find a good one, it is wise to hire them for the entire campaign and not month to month as that will help you save money.

14. Reporting process

Before you hire the link building service provider, ask them about their reporting process. An ideal agency should deliver monthly reports and also update you weekly about the campaign. When you talk to their past clients, verify the company follows what they promise.

15. Metrics

To your surprise, the right metric to determine the results is not rankings, traffic or links. Look for a service provider that will not ignore these three factors but also measure a campaign’s success with focusing on client leads, conversions or sales.

16. Intangibles

While hiring the link builder, do not only go by the rules, but also trust your instinct. If the company knows the industry more than algorithms, then the backlinking services may be organic and beneficial to your website.

If they stress too much on social media, then they may be an excellent social media marketing company and not linking building. What is your impression of the expert? A trusted and strong bond with the provider can go a long way.

Warning signs of trouble you Need to Look for

It is essential to keep an eye on the warning signs that point towards a wrong link building company.

1. The company always says ‘yes’

Most service providers are not excellent at everything so be careful of the people pleasers that always say ‘yes’ to your demands. Notice what they mean to say when they accept all your demands.

2. The company does not have any roadmap

It is very important to have a roadmap of things planned for your campaign. The agency should know how long they will be able to promote a piece of content and have to create another one. This is something that you need to be clear about before hiring the link builder.

Ask the provider when they will create the following content, and if they do not know, this could be a red signal because they need to have an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are backlinks still important in 2019?

Yes, backlinks are still alive and hold as much importance as they used to. Good backlinks on high authority websites give you rankings on search engines and also massive traffic on your site. The right link building activities on your website is the key to building strong backlinks.

2. What are link building services?

Link building services build strong links on other’s websites that point back to your website. These links are like popularity votes for your site and are known as anchor links or sometimes even external links.

Only the right backlinks serve the purpose and it is possible to create those only through the right ways. Many companies offer these services, some are worthy, while some are not.

3. What is a backlink for a website?

Backlink, when clicked, connects the user from a website to another, which may be a web directory, page or website. Backlinks are used in SEO and are the most crucial off-page technique of increasing website ranking on the search engines.

Many people do not follow any considerations other than pricing while choosing a link builder, that is why they end up being disappointed. Considering the above points will help you choose the right company for your back linking needs.

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